The Takeover Teen Retreat

Camp Hebron, Halifax, PA

March 2015


We took 11 of our inner-city guys from 3-Star to Camp Hebron for a retreat. It was a great time of connecting with the guys in a meaningful way! Coach MacIntire and Coach Runkle came down and hung out with the guys on the court as well. We really appreciate the dedicated volunteer staff that we have. We have been blessed! These guys had a great time! Many of them commented on the fact that they have never been to a place like this before. They aren't used to trees, grass and the wilderness. Their lives will never be the same. Andre Cooper, did a phenomenal job of organizing this event and facilitating the weekend. 3-Star is blessed to be connected with him and I'm excited about what the future holds for us together. His heart and commitment to the youth are exactly what they need. He led mentoring sessions for the guys. Not only did they have outdoor time and court time, but we also took time to dive in to the Word of God.