3 Star Foundation's Professional/Volunteer Staff

"I am excited to present to you our staff. We have a very diverse group of committed people from the community who believe in our mission and have dedicated themselves to seeing it happen! Many of them are College graduates and posses not only a heart to reach out to the youngsters but also a knowledge and understanding that challenges them in the classroom as well." ~ Gerald Jarmon

Brad Demler

Math Teacher/Harrisburg School District

James McFarland

Former Teacher in Harrisburg School District

Jim Gallagher

Board Chairman

Justin Burge

Sales Representative

James Hobbs


Darnell Weathersby

Former Teacher/Principle/Harrisburg School District

Rahsaan Carlton

Athletic Director at Penn State, Harrisburg

Chalie Fortney

Director of Advanced Training, Inc.

David MacIntire

Teacher/Harrisburg High School

Johnathan Diaz

Former 3-Star Participent

Tricia Heisey

Belco Community Credit Union

Kellan Lowe

Volvo/Human Resources Director

Greg Williams