3-Star Foundation Program Highlights

Winter 2014

Boys and Girls Club Outreach

A couple of years ago we began a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club. Our leaders show up once a week during their regular scheduled after-school program and utilize the gym for an hour and a half. During this time we take the participants through a number of drills to develop their fundamentals skills to go along with games/competitions. Each session ends with our traditional mentoring segment to build life skills and character.

Fall 2014

Summer 2014

3-Star Expands to Cumberland County

This summer, 3-Star has expanded its outreach to the Cumberland County area!!  We are partnering with the Diakon Wilderness Center to provide programming for their Center Point Day students.  It has been a blast!  The students (approximately 12 boys and girls) have really been engaged and hungry to learn more about basketball as well as life in general! These at-risk youth really need as much guidance and support as they can get considering the fact that this is their last stop before being placed in a juvenile center. Some are already on probation. This 7 week program ends in a couple weeks and we are planning to continue our partnership into the fall.  Stay tuned!

July 2014

Trent Gray, a 3-Star Alumni, recently stopped by for a visit...

Trent Gray is a 3-Star alumni and former standout. He was a graduate of Harrisburg High School where he was the Valedictorian of his senior class. He attended Temple University and played college Football for the Owls. In May, he graduated with a degree in Biology and already has a job lined up in the D.C./Maryland area. We are grateful that he always comes back to Harrisburg and speaks to the participants in the 3-Star Program.

2014 Summer Activities Events:


2016 3-star Winter Activities:  







The following link will provide you with more information about the activities during the winter of 2016. This shows some of the major programs and activities that 3-star is providing to the youth in the area. These programs include our morning huddles, the winter high school basketball leagues and more. 

If you would like to see some pictures of different activities that went on during the summer of 2014 click the link. 

Greater Things Youth Rally

The Greater Things Youth Rally was a very impactful event! This event brought in Reggie Dabbs who is a dynamic and powerful  motivational speaker! Click the following link to learn more and see some great pictures of the event!

3-star formed a men's basketball league. Most of the young men, either volunteered with the program or were involved in 3-star when young. The young men in the league believed in the same 3-star mentalities to foster the youth. Click the following link to see more pictures this summer league. 

Mens Summer League Information and Pictures: