3-Star's Impact



High School Students/Winter Program 2016-2017

Sample Size: 23 students 

  • 73% of participants improved their overall focus in school and life in general as a result of being a part of the 3-Star Program

  • 43% of participants improved their grades/effort in school as a result of being a part of the 3-Star Program

  • 65% of participants improved that their attitude as a result of being a part of 3-Star

  • 56% of participants improved their decision-making as a result of 3-Star’s influence in their lives

  • 69% of participants indicated that they matured as young men through their interactions and expectations with their mentors in the 3-Star Program

  • 52% of participants indicated an understanding and appreciation for the importance of having a strong faith in their lives. 




​"The 3-Star program has helped me realize what life is really about. It has given me knowledge and wisdom to make good choices about life itself" 
"3-Star has helped me stay off the streets and out of trouble. It has taught me how to be a better person." 
"The 3-Star program has kept me away from all of the violence and mewled me mature. I have learned a lot about what it takes to be a strong man." 
"The 3-Star program has helped me become a better person and all the mentoring helped me a lot. It helped me think about my life and to give my all to god." 
"3-star has kept me busy this year, and I have learned lessons and met new people. The mentoring sessions have helped me learn my personal attributes, and how to carry myself at all times."