Mike Richey Cookout
Mike Richey Cookout

Mike Richey invited our AAU team over for a summer cookout.

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3-Star Alumni
3-Star Alumni

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3-Star Huddle at the High School
3-Star Huddle at the High School

The 3-Star Huddle at the High School League... 3-Star on three, 1... 2... 3... 3-Star!!!

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Mike Richey Cookout
Mike Richey Cookout

Mike Richey invited our AAU team over for a summer cookout.

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3-Star Approach:


                      - Character Development; through our mentoring sessions, we seek to build character through Christian principles in an effort to motivate each participant to reach their full potential and build personal self-esteem.



                        - Physical fitness; through our organized basketball league, we assist the participants in getting in better shape and conditioning; eating healthier and exercising is a major emphasis as well.


                       - Academic Assistance; we will assist the school district in keeping the students accountable in school in regards to attendance and homework assistance.

How can you get involved?​


Through the generosity and support of our sponsors and volunteer staff, the 3-Star Foundation has been able to reach over 750 youth. If you would like to join our efforts, please contact us to learn more about:

  • Financial support

  • Corporate giving

  • Volunteeering time

  • In-Kind donations

We would like to thank you in advance on behalf of the many young men who will be the true recipients of your giving.


Coach McFarland pictured with his High School team!

Camp Curtin Academy After School Program

Marshall Math and Science Morning Huddle. A time of prayer, encouragment, and inspiration.

The 3-Star Foundation, Inc. was created to challenge area youth to achieve their fullest potential as individuals and community members by providing opportunities for academic (mind), physical (body), and character development (spirit).
2015-2016 Impact

Average number of participants we reached this past year in each program (Sept. 2015 -May 2016)

    - High School Winter League- 55 Participants

    - Boys and Girls Club Program- 21 Participants

    - Nativity School Program- 42 Participants

    - Diakon Wilderness Center Program- 18 Participants

    - Harrisburg High School Huddle- 14 Participants

    - Rowland School Huddle- 32 Participants 


      Total: 182 Participants

 Additional programs this year (2016 - 2017)

   - Marshall School: 5th- 8th grade, 500+ students

     - Camp Curtain School: 5th- 8th grade, 720 students

Expecting a great school-year/ 2016 season!

Recipient of the 2009 A.K.A. Economic Growth of the

Black Family Anchor Award

"...this award represents your commitment to devise strategies and conduct activities for assisting young males and overcoming the challenges to their educational development and well-being in order to enhance the economic growth of the black family thereby strengthening the community."