Current Programs

2017-2018 Fall/Winter Programs –


FALL (October start)


  • Rowland Huddle – 5th-8TH grade

  • Marshall Huddle – 5th-8th grade

  • Camp Curtin Huddle – 5th-8th grade



  • Nativity School – Boys Middle School

  • Diakon Wilderness Center – High School students

  • Boys and Girls Club – 3rd-6th grade


WINTER Plan (December start) –

SMALL GROUP HUDDLES –                                          PROGRAMS –

  • Rowland Huddle                                                       Diaknon Wilderness Center

  • Marshall Huddle                                                       Camp Curtin YMCA

  • Camp Curtin Huddle                                                Boys and Girls Club

  • Harrisburg High School Huddle


High School Winter Basketball League (December to April)


Your giving will do 4 things:

  1. Help keep the participants accountable in regards to going to school every day and demonstrating responsibility by providing an excused absence when necessary

  2. Help the students become motivated to learn and be an active participant in their educational experience

  3. Help the participants get in good, physical shape and continue along this path through developing habits that will enhance physical fitness and healthy eating

  4. Help us prepare each participant for life after high school (job, college, workforce, etc.)



Thanks in advance for your consideration and support!!

Harrisburg High Morning Huddle

with Andre Cooper

Rowland School Morning Huddle

with Shannon Shelly

Camp Curtin Huddle with Jeff Bruce,

Exec. Director for Center for Champions


3-Star Huddles

We have created a time at several schools in which we connect with the students in the morning when they are fresh and the most attentive. It's called our 3-Star Huddles. Currently we are in 4 different schools: Harrisburg High, Sci-Tech, Camp Curtin Elementary and Rowland. Once a week we meet together to encourage, support and continue the process of building character.


If you would like to join one of the Huddles or host a 3-Star Huddle at your school, please contact Gerald Jarmon at


Feel free to join us at the following locations...


Rowland School: Meets every Tuesday at 8:00am. Please contact Mrs. Wertz, Assistant Principal for location.


Harrisburg High: Meets every Wednesday at 7:15am in Mr. MacIntire's classroom.


Sci-Tech:  Meets every Thursday at 7:15am in Mr. Demler's classroom.


Camp Curtin YMCA:  Meets every Friday from 1:00 to 2:30 pm, during their Club Time.

Boys and Girls Club Outreach

A couple of years ago we began a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club. Our leaders show up once a week during their regular scheduled after-school program and utilize the gym for an hour and a hlaf. During this time we take the participants through a number of drills to develop their fundamentals skills to go along with games/competitions. Each session ends with our traditional mentoring segment to build life skills and character.